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Jul 04th
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owmers should pay taxes

Whatever the territorial rules are, they are easily broken---Al Davis v NFL, Donald Sterling v NBA and owners make up rules as they go, AFL, Jets pay Giants $10 million, Raiders pay 49ers $8 million in 1966, the MLB's Nationals franchise gives up cable TV income to Peter Angelos and the Orioles in a combined regional sports network so the territorial rules mean nothing. Getting owners to pay their fair share of taxes, that is the point of this column and then when owners pay their fair share, they can dictate terms. $14 million a year in NYC is a drop in the bucket but with the national war on municipal workers on going by politicians who give the store away to business in general, perhaps it is time to rethink PILOTS, tifs and other tools and start with getting sports owners to pay their share of the tax bill


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