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May 30th
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Penny and nickels

The penny and nickel coins are a money pit, as both coins cost double their face value to make. That is why the Obama budget is calling for the composition of the coins to be modified to save cash, and finally deliver some change we can believe in. Article source: Obama calls for lower cost of making pennies and nickels

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1 Friday, 30 March 2012 11:22
STOP THIS MADNESS, save paper money to devalue my metal coinage? the congress, senate, and admin's are not saving money but steeling your purchasing power. The real question, why is coinage slowly being changed from real silver, nickel and copper to a mix of junk/valued metals, and now those junk metals are worth more than face value. it is a devalued currancy!!! when the music stops, you will be holding a bag of worthless tokens.

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