Peyton Manning's departure from Indy.

Monday, 13 February 2012 13:35
Even though #18, with support from many other Colt players both active and absent now from the roster, has created one of the most exciting and successful sports franchises in the history of sports, the knee jerk reaction seems to be to get rid of him! I am confident that Mr. Irsay and other so called "knowlwdgable" people will look closely at this decision and ask themselves "ARE WE CRAZY!" I have come to this conclusion for several reasons: 1)Mr. Luck is a tremendous college Q.B. and I hope his talents transfer to the Pro-style arena. There is a chance he is not the second-coming ie. Mr. R. Leaf. The step from college f-ball to the pros is much like the step from highschool to Div. 1. football. None of us have any guarantees Luck will be as effective in this new arena. The proof with Mr. Manning has already been written in the record books and will most likely continue (hopefully with the Colts) Along with his unquestionable abilities on the FB field, and just as importantly, Mr. Manning's many contributions to the community in and around Indy set him far and above what Indy could have ever expected frrom a professional athlete. Mr. Manning has put the Colts and Indy on the pro-football map in the most positive way. As I travel to other cities and states people are constantly commenting on what a great city Indy seems to be and in the same breath how lucky we are to have Peyton as the leader of our Colts. We are very fortunate...hopefully after one losing season we don't make a mistake. You know the Colts may have only won two games last season, but other than the first game of the season when the Texans blew us out, I think the Colts played pretty well considering the defense was on the field for such a long time, eventually tiring. That would not happen with #18 Peyton Manning playing....ask the other coaches in the NFL who are praying for the Colts to release him......STAY WITH A WINNER JIMMY!

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