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Jul 01st
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I owned a pitbull and never again they are ticking time bombs and further more everyone I've ever met who owns one were in denial sorry if youre born into a family full of murderers sorry most of time genetics will win, with them they have a high prey drive and owners with LOW intelligence.

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1 Saturday, 05 May 2012 09:57
To the comment about ticking time bombs, that's totally wrong. My wife and I have had many different breeds of dogs all of our marriage. All have been rescues. We now have a pit, and I must say he is the smartest of all the breeds we have ever had. He is great with kids, and is a part of this family.
As for your comment about owners with LOW intelligence, from a comment like that, it's YOU with the low intelligence. You sound like a typical racial profiler, oh, because it's a pit bull......

OK, you may have had a bad experience, doesn't make the whole breed bad. I was attacked as a kid by a German Sheppard, but do I hold a grudge against the breed, NO! It was a bad dog.

Our pit has went through training and is a Healing Paws dog at a local hospital. He goes in and visits people of all ages and races, and loves everyone.
Look back a few years, it was other dogs with this reputation, now it's pit's. We need to educate more and stop this discrimination against this wonderful breed!

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