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Jul 06th
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Poorly written article

I could barely contain my laughter as I read this article. 1) Downstate NY is a massive load pocket. 2) Indian point provides baseload power and runs all the time with a very high capacity factor. 3) The AC transmission system that runs from Indian Point goes straight down to New York City and Long Island, and the power never flows to Canada or upstate. That's not to say it isn't a bad idea to have a nuclear facility within 40 miles of NYC. Just remember what happened with Shoreham on Long Island. LI'ers are now saddled with some of the highest electric bills in the nation stemming from 1) No nuke 2) Debt associated with that plant, paying NYC rates even though their power system is all above ground whereas NYC's is all underground. NYCers (and LI'ers to some extent) will have 25% increases in their already high power bills should the plant be shut down with a major decrease in reliability.


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