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Jun 03rd
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Prayer Banner

If people are offended by 50 years of history and try to legalize and assess it by today’s ACLU standards in today’s world it brings into question thier true motives. The question then may be asked are they really so concerned about the constitutional meaning or are they attempting to amend the constitution and the minds of others to actually minimize the rights of people? If you read the constitution it is about certain God given inalienable rights. Really this is not about a girl who is a atheist who is offended by a 50 years old prayer...This is about using a girl by the ACLU as a front person to squash the rights of the majority of people and their beliefs. So, my conclusion is a simple one...leave the historic wallpapered banner with an explanation and disclaimer that it was written by a 7th grader in 1963 as a gift to his class, albeit in prayer form, to his graduating class and leave it as is. Place a noted card below with the date it was posted...stating it was declared on this day ...50 years later to be too religious to be in the cafeteria by U.S. District Judge Ronald Lagueux . If you are offended please when reading to yourself change "Our Heavenly Father" to your own name, when you read the word "us" please change it to "me" and when reading the word “our” change it “my”, when reading the word “ourselves” change it to "myself", when reading the word “we” change it to "I" and finally, when reading the word "Amen" change it to “”Let it be", and hopefully no one will be offended. Below are the words as written on the 8 foot prayer: OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, GRANT US EACH DAY THE DESIRE TO DO OUR BEST, TO GROW MENTALLY AND MORALLY AS WELL AS PHYSICALLY, TO BE KIND AND HELPFUL TO OUR CLASSMATES AND TEACHERS, TO BE HONEST WITH OURSELVES AS WELL AS OTHERS. HELP US TO BE GOOD SPORTS AND SMILE WHEN WE LOSE AS WELL AS WHEN WE WIN. TEACH US THE VALUE OF TRUE FRIENDSHIP. HELP US ALWAYS TO CONDUCT OURSELVES SO AS TO BRING CREDT TO CRANSTON HIGH SCHOOL WEST. AMEN At the Begining it had a header school prayer, please change it as you read to SCHOOL REQUEST. THANK YOU


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