Prison System in NJ needs serious reform | Unsorted comments | -- Your State. Your News.

Jul 06th
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Prison System in NJ needs serious reform

Our prisons in NJ are already over crowded and dangerous. We need to reform them and make common sense first time drug offenses something that does not require jail time. Our children are being put in jails with killers and rapist and what for what getting caught with a joint in their possession. Also we have to stop the rape and assault of our children and those families held on immigration charges in our state and county system. It is immoral and wrong and turns those attacked by violent criminals into criminals themselves to survive. Its easy to say let them all rot in jail but not every one caught up in criminal justice system is a bad person or even guilty of a crime. How does Governor Chrispie's legislation address those falsely accused and later cleared by DNA evidence? They deserve a right to mount their own defense and fight to clear their name. They can't do that locked in a cage.


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