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Jul 04th
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I ran it every which way unbiased he did the only right thing which would cover all bases touched including the destruction of the object used to fire that salvo against the family given her life and nurtured her you could see he was visibly pained with the ruin of the object, stating time to upgrade and fix it for her, an obvious but suppressed heart hurt emotion he should probably have let show selling it, giving it away wasn't an option he had to take a hit himself by destroying the laptop he had worked on because of her actions and he wanted her to know and feel of his pain of loss and hurt of his labor of love to her she made necessary by her stupid / silly actions of course in time, if not already and all along, he'll see, little brat, displaying for others her spunk and by him for this intended end : for her a good lesson that such silly displays can cause heart pain to those who love her, which he probably should've shown so she wouldn't possibly mistake it for revenge. Of course, him knowing many would be seeing this you can't expect him to burst into tears for all to see. I bet he never does something like this again though. I hope there are no legal / law related issues against him as result, since in such cases, there is always some filthy vile dent stepping up to profit off in some manner

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1 Tuesday, 14 February 2012 10:07
Winston Court
Setting proper examples, and giving proper examples, is difficult in the insane world of today. He took the drastic actions necessary to attempt to awake his daughter from her petty little world of self centered tunnel vision which keeps her attention totally focused on her own petty likes, wants, needs, etc. To the exclusion of all others feelings and lives ... very sad, this girl needs to grow up quickly in mental development so her thoughts will match her physical age of 15-16 ...

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