"SS" Flag

Sunday, 12 February 2012 11:25
I have read these comments and I'm disgusted, sickened and angered by the total lack of support for the Marine Corps. The symbol you see before you is called the Sig. Rune which envokes power, strength and good luck. Like many other harmless and good symbols like the Swastika (Navajo symbol meaning "well being" ) the Nazi's took them and turned them into representations of evil. I have nothing against Jews or anyone else but the people that are crying out about the USMC and this picture need to remember...... back in WWII the Marines were fighting on another front all by themselves freeing up many of the ground troops to end the war of the same hatefulness they are spewing. The USMC, yes they are naughty little monkeys, but they are OUR naughty little monkeys and these ungrateful jerks need to remember that. The Scout Snipers ...... you keep doing a great job and don't listen to these morons, and I'm talking about these journalists that spread this hate all over the media. Before you start talking about how the Marine Corps. need an American History lesson, perhaps you should realize that the USMC ARE American History, everyone here would do well to have a Symbols History Lesson....... The Marine Corps. are very awesome folks, and so are the other branches as a whole, have you tried reporting on something that's worthwhile instead of trashing the USMC and other branches....... pathetic is what you are go read a book.

This is a comment on "U.S. Marines pose with SS flag, Nazi symbol: Panetta wants investigation"