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Jul 07th
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Say Yes to Local Control

New charters that just pop up without voter input = taxation without representation. Public tax dollars should not be used to support private education. To the PIACS founders and supporters: you may educate your child as you see fit, just stop using my money to do it. Your partnership with the private school is appalling, and the South Brunswick zoning hearing last night was concrete proof that public money should not support PIACS--you couldn't even state with certainty what services or building space would or would not be shared with the private immersion school. Give me a break!

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1 Friday, 20 May 2011 16:13
First: Charter Schools are PUBLIC schools, not private schools. They are open to all who apply, and are limited only by the number of students that the State Department of Education approves the school for.
2): Parents should not have to choose where to send their children. The school system that they live within, should fix it's education system so that all children can be educated.
3): Parents choose to send their children to Charter Schools, BECAUSE of the failures
of the local school system.
4): Our children will not stop growing and we are tired of waiting for the LOCAL school system bureaucracy to debate how to fix the problems.
& 5): Why are the Charter schools able to achieve higher levels of success, when they only receive 90% of the per student revenue the Town get, the Charter School has to lease the space the school is in and they can not issue bonds to pay for soccer fields, and baseball fields, and new playgrounds. And with al of these limitations, the number of parents on the wait list, because of the small size of the school, continues to grow.

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