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May 04th
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solar panels

As a resident of Oradell, I have 3 outside my home. Not only are they ugly to look at, but PSE&G keeps telling my that the transformers and wires are "just as ugly" and I'll grow visually accustomed to the panels. Do they think we're stupid? Not only do we now have transformers and wires, they have ADDED panels? How much more crap are they going to put up there? Also, ones talking about that. Customers now pay more for solar panels each month. yes, it's only 10 cents now, but that cost is expected to rise because solar is more expensive. WHY IS NO ONE ADDRESSING THIS? Also, do residents realize that this is free electricity that PSE&G has and they are charging for it? Yup, it's free, you can choose to do it in your home, but PSE&G has come in as some knight on a white horse acting like they are "helping us." They aren't, they're cheating us. What is no one addressing this? "Eyesore" yes, they are, but we are being swindled here. For once, I'd like the Bergen Record, or the Patch to do an investigative report of that. THAT IS THE ISSUE. Instead, the media is making us look like we are NIMBY's (not in my back yard) and there is much much more to it.


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