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Oct 26th
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Some Retarded People

I think this is one of the dumbest arguments against the solar panels that I've heard. You don't like the way they look?!!! C'mon, now. We want to reduce our dependency on oil nations but only if it looks nice? Reducing the property values is not a good argument either -- do you really care that much what is on the overloaded telephone poles along your street? Then complain about the reams of ugly wires the cable company put up. I noticed the panels going up weeks ago in my neighborhood. They didn't bother me. I was curious to know what they were powering. If they are contributing to the power supply, I'm all for them. You could put a wind turbine in my yard (or on top of my house for that matter) and I wouldn't care what it looked like as long as it was reducing the burning of non-renewable fuel. Next time, give yourself a few days to think about it before protesting over aesthetics. Perhaps the purpose is greater than your concern for your property values.


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