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Jul 04th
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Sympathy for them all

First, John F. Kennedy is not here to defend himself. So we won't know his side of things. But we do know that people love writing (and getting 5 minutes of fame and a little fortune) about having been a sexual conquest of a Kennedy (some guy wrote a book about an affair with JFK, Jr.'s wife Carolyn not long ago). Also, we do know that Maria Shriver said that her own mother (JFK's sister) put up with her father's adultery and so did her aunts. Clearly, this behavior was not just a "JFK" issue - but something learned and expected by that generation of Kennedy's. Heck, JFK may not have understood that he was doing anything wrong since he was taught from the cradle that sex outside of marriage was acceptable (by the example of his parent's marriage). From what I've heard from Mimi's interviews, some of her claims are self serving. She speaks of herself as victim in one breath...then of a grand adventure in the next. She says she has remorse, but then says she would do it all over again because it was "fun." Caroline and her children are the victims in all this. These claims are really of no historical value because we already know that President Kennedy had issues of infidelity and sexual addiction. We blame JFK easily but not the person who willingly indulged him knowing he had a wife and family. Well, I say that if someone steals money they are a thief. That's on them. If I take money from them KNOWING it's stolen...I am also a thief. Mimi was an adulteress knowingly. We all know what adultery means - even at 19. In addition, Mimi is non apologetic about this adultery even at age 69 and says she would DO IT AGAIN because it was "fun!" Mimi says that JFK was trying to be closer to Jackie after she became pregnant with Patrick. But, clearly JFK's issues ran closer to addictive behavior than merely enjoying a little variety on the side. Even if Jackie had understood his actions as addiction, it's tough to take the bottle or the pill, (just as the Houston's about Whitney or the Jackson's about Michael) or the gambling sheet, or make some one eat (ask the Carpenters' about Karen), or the sex away from someone lost in addiction. JFK had a fatalistic view of life because of his lifelong illnesses and his many encounters close to death. He cared deeply about issues, fairness and the rights of people in the abstract, but had not figured out how to truly care for those people closest to him. Sadly, mix that with addiction and his dark fate was sealed even if he had lived. The man is dead. Jackie is dead. Caroline and her three children are very much alive and could be hurt by this Mimi - a woman with no shame even today. Her story has no historical value but rather only shows the sadness of this man's addiction along with Mimi's own pathetic need to be remembered - some 50 years later


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