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Jul 04th
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The Full body Symptoms

The 2nd amendment speaks to the govt. It tells the govt it can't regulate weapons. That is it's only purpose. Imagine our govt telling us it is regulating or banning guns for our safety. This is like a pedophile telling us he will babysit our kids to keep them safe. Govt is always our worst enemy. Remember when the CIA instigated a coup in Iran (after the Iranians evicted British Petroleum from Iran, 1953) ? Few Amerikans were told the truth why the Iranians invaded the U.S. embassy in Tehran during the Carter presidency. Later, Bush proclaimed the Terrorists (Arab patriots) attacked the WTC because we're a free country. Amerikanos accepted the Bush lies as the gospel truth. We are as innocent as babies (only Amerika has the right to seek revenge). After decades of Terror attacks and hijackings (enemy responses to U.S. govt meddling in the Middle East), Amerikano war profiteers had learned new tactics to convince the sheep to accept war. First, the govt antagonized Arab patriots to incite them to attack Americans. But after they did, Americans ignored the events. Our govt continued until the Arabs attacked the WTC on 9/11. Then our govt got the response it wanted, and so now our govt has a blank check to expand the war against Terror (forever). To win the war, the govt must restrict freedom and privacy here in Amerika. To prove the govt is keeping us safe it must keep air travel safe. To do that it needs American travelers to accept full body x-ray scanners. (Second) To get Americanos to accept body scanners, it had the CIA incite a young Black Muslim, from England, carrying explosives in his underwear, to train and then board an airplane from Yemen bound for the U.S. [Notice the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber were unable to detonate their explosive payloads.] Because Amerikans were skeptical of full-body scanners, the govt had the newsmedia show us the sight of people receiving intrusive full body pat downs. By Thanksgiving eve, Amerikan air traverlers were as passive and submissive as sheep. They surrendered their privacy like females in heat to nosey dominant males. The solution to Terror attacks is to force the U.S. govt to vacate the Middle East, but according to our govt, the solution is war, invasion, occupation, pacification, and loss of freedom in the US (regardless of the co$t). More people died under Bush than under Hussein. Our govt (our worst enemy) is going to ban our guns if we don't learn to restrict it's conduct and power. When we finally become completely disarmed, the police will be able to completely dominate us (the way the Gestapo dominated European Jews). The greatest threat to our safety and freedom comes from our own govt. We need our guns more than ever. A patriotic American Jew MUST own a military type rifle. An armed America deters slavery, genocide, personal tragedy, and other tyranny.


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