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Jul 06th
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The Money Flows Away From You

Money is money and it flows away from you to Fox and Cablevision. Options: If you have a decent digital-over-the-air signal for Fox and the major local stations, go to Radio Shack and buy a $14 digital antenna. I tried it and it works fine. If you have internet service, go to Staples and get a $11 VGA extender cable and a $10 audio cable. Connect your laptop/PC to your TV and watch how much free TV/video you can get on the interenet displayed on your TV ( i.e. Hulu, Further, a $9 NetFlix account gets you 10,000 or more streamed movies/tv shows. Savings if you drop the TV part of your cable, keep the internet, use OTA digital and watch TV/video over internet: Approximately $2000 a year. Also, I use Majic Jack ($20 per year or $1.97 per month) for phone service. Power to the people! Manny G MGZC Media


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