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Jun 30th
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The NJNG Welcome Home Parade

Shame on Reith, Shame on Corzine for trying to use the soldiers and families for political gain. The soldiers should have de-mobed, went home to their families and down the road hold a parade to welcome back our citizen soldiers that we all would have wanted to attend. Our soldiers and families deserved some respect from Corzine and Reith. We are so happy to have our soldiers home, not one hurt, but the parade was a sham. I hope the good citizens of NJ DO NOT VOTE Corzine back into office. He only showed up at McGuire to welcome back the soldiers who came in on Memorial Day, along with cameras. Is my husband less important that Corzine did not show up to meet all the planes? He knew when they were coming and could have re-arranged his schedule. SHAME ON CORZINE!


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