The Police are NOT your personal bodyguards... | Unsorted comments | -- Your State. Your News.

Jun 30th
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The Police are NOT your personal bodyguards...

Laying off police WILL NOT effect the number of crimes being committed, because according to "Warren v. District of Columbia", the police have NO DUTY or legal obligation to provide personal security or safety to individual citizens. They cannot b held legally liable if they do not protect you from crime or violence. The job of the police is to INVESTIGATE crime after it occurs, and apprehend criminals AFTER they commit crimes. The Federal Courts have ruled on this in over a dozen cases. Personal safety is a PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. If the state of NJ can't protect it's citizens (which, BTW, it's not legally bound to do by ANY law) then they should allow their citizens to exercise their FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT of self-defense. Buy gun. Train with it. Only dial 911 AFTER the "bad guy" has been stopped. End of story...Any citizen who won't protect their self or their family is volunteering for SLAVERY... WAKE UP people... Stop counting on "big brother" to wipe your noses, and take responsibility for your own lives, and your own communities.


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