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Jun 03rd
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This is ALCOHOL people not sox!!!

This is ALCOHOL people not sox!!! Internet buying should NOT be allowed!!! There are a multitude of laws at the Federal, State and local levels that must be obeyed at all three tier levels. What makes the consumer so special that he/she can just bypass all of these laws? Where is the Repeal in this situation. The commerce claus has NO STANDING in this matter. And to top it all off... New Jersey retailers have some of the best variety of wines available in the world! This is all brought about by a few prima-donnas that want their special allocated bottle of wine that they think they can obtain by going direct. Well, let me clue you in.... if 1000 people want a bottle from a 300 bottle production... 700 people will not get their bottle or out of the three tier system. Drink that in......

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2 Friday, 12 March 2010 15:01
Gregg Burke
I will be up front I own a small WIne Shop, but I think wine should be allowed to be shipped in and out of the state. As for the point of the consumer, they are special, they are the ones spending the money. As for the prima donnas they were getting thier allocated wines anyway, that does not hurt the brick & morter retailer. This is America and competition is the name of the game. It makes us better at what we do, or it should. Stop complaining and figure out how you can keep people happy and you will not lose money in fact you will probably grow. As for the consumer they need to remember that they live with in a community and it up to them to keep their local economy running by supporting local merchants. Cheers
1 Friday, 12 March 2010 13:04
Obviously, homeskillet above works for either (1) the three tier distribution lobby or (2) wine shop with exclusive rights with the three tier distribution lobby. This is a good move for the people of New Jersey and for the freedom of commerce. Allowing direct shipment of be it wine, beer, and or rainbow colored sox, should be up to the consumer, not the governing body. It's about choice. The populace should be allowed to choose where they wish to imbibe from ... if, like homeskillet, they wish special products from Castro, then by all means, let them order it. The state will get it taxes, one way or another ... why continue to block another potential stream of revenue.

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