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Apr 19th
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To Bruce Novozinsky

Mr. Novozinsky: St. Rafael's, Trenton Catholic and Notre Dame are all in the suburbs, for your information. They are in Hamilton and Lawrence. Nobody is saying that it is the Bishop's fault that there are issues of crime and unemployment, but we would like to see the church be part of the solution. The Bishop's move, and his press secretary's comments, do not represent that intention. Catholic Charities does a lot of good work in the City, but it makes a difference if the Leaders "walk the walk." I am willing to be corrected, but that is what I see. When you say that the "environment cultivated, support or turn a blind eye to has forced churches, businesses and families to flee Trenton in droves." What do you mean? Isn't the Bishop and the Diocese part of this environment? If not, what do you mean by "environment"? Roland Pott

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1 Sunday, 31 July 2011 23:25
Stephanie Michaels
Bruce Novozinsky is a horrid combination of arrogance & ignorance. This is the kind of person that can actually make you question free speech in this country. Everything you've written is either factually incorrect or your twisted opinion presented as fact. You are bad for our town!

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