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Jul 01st
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Tyranny of majority

How is any detail about Jessica of any importance? I read "she's an atheist, she's a brat, she's immature". Can you really surmise all of these personal details from a statement she made? Do any of them actually matter? The answer is a definitive no. She, for whatever reason you choose to believe, saw the constitution being violated and sought to right the wrong. You could speculate that she had personal motives, you could speculate that it's just warfare against religion, you could even be right about all of these things and it wouldn't matter. She is in the right. Students are mandated to go to public school. Public school is funded by tax payer dollars. Religious neutrality is an absolutely essential part of the US government. The importance of religious neutrality is doubly important in a place of unbiased learning. Some of the people of Cranston, rather than reacting to her political statement with a rational argument, jumped straight to the use of intimidation. Thrasymacus would be proud. Cranston is not a country, it's a town in a state in a country. The civil war was fought over the very thing this girl stands for: unity. Cranston does not get to write it's own constitution that has presedence of the US constitution. They are Americans before they are people of Cranston. They are the majority in the town and as John Stewart Mill put it: "The one pervading evil of democracy is the tyranny of the majority, or rather of that party, not always the majority, that succeeds, by force or fraud, in carrying elections." Constitutionalism became popular for this very reason. You need a distribution of powers, you need citizens able to seek justice when they are the minority. Jessica might be a wicked little spoiled brat of an atheist but she is undoubtedly a far better citizen than any of her dissenters.


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