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May 05th
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Upstate Citizens for Equality

What’s it all about? Your snippet replies touch on reality without precise correctness. Without elaborating on legal arguments, the Cayuga tribe’s land claim was filed in 1980. Based on a 1790 law, they sued for possession of one hundred square miles, eviction of the residents, and a billion dollars. The federal district court took 24 years to make a final judgment that could be appealed. The district court ruled the people could not be evicted and awarded the tribe $248 million. The Second District Court of Appeals reversed Judge McCurn’s ruling and in 2005 ruled the tribe did not have a valid claim. To circumvent the ruling, the tribe then applied for federal trust status on lands that they had purchased. Therefore, UCE continues to be active opposing the trust applications and supporting equality under the law. The Sullivan campaign was a retaliation against the Iroquois tribes for supporting the British in the American Revolution, specifically for the Cherry Valley and Wyoming Valley massacres - which the Cayuga tribe took part in. The Iroquois migrated to this region from Canada in the mid 1500's. All but a dissident faction of Cayuga returned to Canada after the Revolution, where they have a reservation now established by the British. The dissident faction settled south of Buffalo and is the group that filed the land claim. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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