Went to Travel Deals in Marlton today Sat Nov 6 at 12:45 meeting | Unsorted comments | NewJerseyNewsroom.com -- Your State. Your News.


Jul 04th
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Went to Travel Deals in Marlton today Sat Nov 6 at 12:45 meeting

My wife and I didn't fall for the Travel Club Scam. We only went to get the free cruise and airfare which has fees they tell you about over the phone. I'm glad I checked them out here and read all the complaints, we almost fell for the free cruise. I feel sorry for the couples that did fall for it today they got at lease 3 couples out of five today before we got out of there. They didn't like when I said no to there offer, the young kid salesman called the manager in to try his hand with no luck. He got a little wise with us. The full price was almost 9,000, the manager ask if would do it for 2,000 I said no, would do it for 1,200 I said no, would you do 500 no again, so he said goodbye and left the room,

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3 Sunday, 22 May 2011 10:27
Did you go through with sending in the money and get to cruise?
2 Thursday, 14 April 2011 05:27
The free cruise and airline tickets we were promised came in the form of a "reservation" form we need to fill out and send in within 21 days with "fees" and all kinds of hoops to jump through. Airline stuff needs to be sent via certified mail. The sales people were very nice and I really felt sorry for not purchasing their product (I guess I am a sucker) but we went there for the "free" cruise which really isn't "free".
Does anyone any new information on this company? Is this a legimate offer? Thanks, Lynn

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