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Jul 07th
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What about Corporations and Banks

The FBI and federal government should protect its citizens from out of control and dangerous corporations and banks that attack our citizens and have killed many more than any so called "Constitutionalist". Corporations like DuPont, Union Carbide and others are chemically assaulting our children everyday with the poisons they release into our air and water. If you added up the american families killed as a result it would certainly over shadow any other so called "terrorist activity" from the groups mentioned in this article. What about the banks and financial institutions like Goldman Sach and former Governor Corzine who destroyed thousands of American families stripping them of their savings of billions of dollars? Is the FBI watching him? We need to reign in our government and stop their corporate global war machine. As you can see the military industrial complex is now turning inwards on american patriots who have had enough of these endless wars, high taxes and a federal government out of control.


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