WHAT HAPPENS AFTER TIER II EXHAUSTED UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT ENDS??????? | Unsorted comments | NewJerseyNewsroom.com -- Your State. Your News.


May 28th
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My tier II is over. What does this mean? Is my life over? I have been unemployed since Nov. 16, 2007. I just want to work. I don't want to lose everything I have worked for. I have never applied for any government assistants. I have always been a proud tax paying American. I am first generation American from Cuban descent. My parents raised my sister and I to work hard and to be proud AmeriCubans. My parents came to this country and always worked for a living never applying for any government assistance. I broke that pride. I applied for unemployment. I'm not too happy about that. I feel like I have failed. I have worked for 30 years in retail. My last job, I had worked for 18 years. But Payless decided to can me with many others. Their reason being due to lack of performance. Interesting that all employees were in the company for many years with good pay. Working for this company was like being a slave. The only thing was that we got payed but no horse wiping or hangings. I enjoy working hard, just not abused. Corporate America should not be aloud to abuse of employees as they practice. The point I'm trying to make is many Americans like myself have worked very hard for what we have and are in danger of losing it all. We have foreigner from other countries and long time welfare Americans with better resources then the hard working Americans. Americans should never have to worry about HEALTH CARE, FOOD, HOUSING, OR EDUCATION. This should be a law for all HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama, please bring the TROOPS HOME AND ENOUGH OF THE POLITICAL BULLSHIT.

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1 Friday, 16 April 2010 09:05
Shana Williams
I have worked since the age of 19. I had a career and with the economy failing my industry (fashion) was hit hard. I tried to get assistance from the government which I was not happy about and ws told that my unemployment benefits exceeded the allowed income. I was pregnant- I could not receive food stamps, medical insurance nor rental assistance. The case worker looked at my gross income and said i would'nt qualify. He did'nt ask how much I pay in rent, how much was my electric bill, how much did i pay for groceries.... I could'nt believe that ME who worked and paid THOUSANDS in taxes could not get help from the system that I help pay for???? It is shameful that if I never worked a day in my life I would receive EVERYTHING the government had to offer! What do I do now! I have a 15 months old son, I cannot find a job and my unemployment has just run out!

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