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Jul 02nd
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Whitney houston

whitney houston absolutey does not deserve our american lowered at public buildings. what this marine who just died in afgahnistan did is a million times greater than whitneys voice. this marine form new jersey deserves all the attention because he fought for our country. whitney is just a greedy drug addict and thats her own fault. RIP marine semper fi

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1 Wednesday, 22 February 2012 04:58
To Eileen and Unknown.

I think you are just envious of Whitney Houston and not thinking clearly, without prejudice.

If you walked along an Avenue in NYC, or Newark, or L.A., and you saw a man (or woman) sitting along the sidewalk, seemingly an addict. You would not consider the possibility that he or she was a veteran, a survivor, who sacrificed for Country, saved lives, etc.

Fact is, there are many vets fitting that description who are not cared for in some small way by society. Your position seems hypocritical when you consider that they as vets deserve to be helped more so by people like you and me when clearly some of us can. And we don't speak out and demand enough for change. Whitney did through her giving. And If you did then you would logically appreciate the Governor's decision in this case.

Whitney made numerous contributions with her wealth, to children. By her contributions, she may have helped to save the spiritual lives of survivors of the Troops you hold high above her.

Don't be so shallow, Respectfully

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