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Jul 04th
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who cares...

What an idiot the energy drink did not even play in that dump in harrison.... If you missed that fact its only SAFE to say the rest of this article is full of other mistakes not bothered to researched by the so called writter of this rag.. who cares why should energy drink pay have you seen what new jersey looks like who in their right mind would want to pay for any thing in that 3rd world dump that is the garden state.....

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1 Friday, 01 June 2012 07:00
Maybe you should research the state of new jersey more. People outside the state have this impression the whole state is an industrial wasteland. It's the same thinking that people think NYC is how the rest of NY state is like. Who wants to pay to play in a "3rd world dump?" How about the "NJ" Giants and Jets? Or the NJ Devils? Last I read, NY state technically only has one NFL team playing in its borders. But wait, Buffalo isn't in NY state is it? Oh and before you use the term "3rd world dump," why don't you actually go to a 3rd world country and make the comparisons. It's not even close. Bashing the writer of this article for not researching from someone who didn't do the same thing makes you look like an idiot.

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