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May 03rd
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Why did all of you people research, AFTER the fact?

I just got a postcard in the mail, offering a free cruise from this con artist. There is a large photo of a Carnival Cruise Lines ship on the front. Why isnt Carnival suing this guy? Furthermore, they use US AIRLINE's insignia on the back of the card...Another copyright infringement...Again, No lawsuit? But by far, my biggest question: How in the world did all of you people get suckered into paying for this scam? I simply Googled the toll free number on the postcard, and was directed right to this site! Good thing there's no penalty for being stupid!

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1 Tuesday, 08 March 2011 23:58
I researched my post card, Googled names and numbers nothing came up negative for Blue Waters, which was held in Egg Harbor TWP. I attended a meeting in Feb. of 2010, I did not take the travel package however I did pay for the airline tickets and the cruise which never received finale conformation. I would have been going next week, now I am looking into a class action law suit. I had correspondence with a Nancy Hightower in May and August.
Daryl Turner held a mailing address at 1735 Market Street suite A-440
Philadelphia, Pa. 19103. Which most recently was shut down, we were told Mr. Turner was arrested.

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