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Jul 05th
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Why the narcissism?

As a Christian I don't condone such behavior by my fellow brothers & sisters in Christ; behavior that I believe to be un-Christ-like. However, the narcissism of that teen, as well as other people from other situations and experiences, needs to be addressed. "Ahlquist said, 'It seemed like it was saying, every time I saw it, "You don’t belong here."'" And she plans to graduate from the school. Seriously, if you can't deal with a school's heritage, why are you still enrolled there in the first place?

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2 Tuesday, 01 May 2012 14:40
really and truely, everyone even arguing over this thing is in the wrong. even when we feel like we are in the right, the fight is God's and not our own. what could make anyone think that we as normal people could do anything out of our own accord that could change what happend in the past? It's already happened and we cant change the past all we can do is focus on the day we have. After all for those who believe in Christ Jesus, we know we are not promised the next breath.
1 Monday, 30 January 2012 14:11
D. Aytch
So basically, you're saying "If you don't like it, you can leave!"? What a tolerant, Christ-like response you've made. I love how you make that caveat at the beginning and in the very next sentence you're attacking her as narcissistic to the degree that you believe it needs to be addressed (even though the court agreed with her).

The classic "heritage" argument is worthless. There is no reason to think this banner has done anything but alienate students and faculty. The fact is, heritage isn't always such a great thing. That's why religions (for example) are selective about the events in their history which they choose to remember (Crusades? What, Crusades!?). Heritage is an argument long used by bigots to justify their continued intolerance.

This poem was written 50 years ago, but the constitution has been around for well over 200. If it's heritage you sought to protect, you would be supporting this girl instead of attacking her. It's clear the only heritage you want to defend is America's noninclusive past.

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