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Jul 04th
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Will Marlins Stadium be a success?

I was in the area just yesterday and Marlin is correct. The stadium sits in Miami-Dace County in the city of Miami Gardens, as does the Calder Race Course and Casino that is less than a half mile away. A mile away if the Broward county line. The stadium is much closer to downtown Fort Lauderdale than it is to downtown Miami I also rode past the new Marlins Stadium while I was in the area and its going to be really interesting to see if a mediocre Marlins team will be able to draw more fans there than at Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Dolphins/SunLife Stadium. The old Orange Bowl might draw 50,000 or more for the 6 or 7 U of Miami games and the Ornage Bowl game, but will baseball fans at the tune of 30,000 folks each and every night come there. That new parking structure aside, its not in the easiest place to get to and its not clear, even if the Marlins can sign a couple of start players, that the Miami area is going to come out for baseball. Its too bad they took so long to decide to build a baseball stadium in Miami proper. If they had built on the site of the old Miami Arena after the Heat got their arena built, baseball on the edge of downtown Miami with all the freeway access from cities from the north and south as well as the communities east of the causeway, might have made it work.


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