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May 22nd
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Wrong-headed thinking

nick1980: >> whites must appreciate that they are in this country yet after getting rid of natives. blacks must apprecate that majority of the community is being sponsored by govt programs hispanic must appreciate that although mostly illegal they are still earning bread and butter here chinese must appreciate that their new generation is getting a well to do lifestyle which was difficult to achieve back home indians must appreciate american culture and not promote their own culture outside their community were black and the victim is Indian, haven't been watching the news. It is entirely wrong to say that black people are never brought up on "hate crime" charges...and it's even more wrong to say that black people are never the victims of hate crimes. (Ever hear of a man named Rodney King?) The bottom of it is, I don't care what race the perps are, or the race of the victim. I care that one man, a fellow American, is dead. I care that his alleged murderers are probably going to be dumped into the penal system, or even worse, let free, and allowed to kill again. We should stop bringing race into issues where they need not be brought, and we should stop trying to conflate "being American" with xenophobia disguised as patriotism. My condolences to all the victims of this crime.


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