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May 25th
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I have read the whole "hunting makes populations rise" theory. I come from a family of hunter and I call bullshit. Why do we have endangered species? Why do we have threatened species? What about some extinct species? That's because they were hunted! Some species are naturally on their way out, but most were hunted to threatened/endangered/extinct status. Look at the wolf for example. They are a hunted species. They used to be on the threatened/endangered list because they were hunted. Since they were in a protected status for a while they had time to repopulate, now that they are back on the hunting list, they will be diminished yet again. It's the same for EVERY hunted species out there. Moose and Elk are harder to find because they are being hunted so much. I am not against hunting at all, just against over-hunting and hunting for fun. My family hunt for what we need, we use every part of the animal that we can and boil the rest for the dogs if it is edible. It should be a little more credible to hear all this from a person who's family are hunters who have seen less and less animals per year due to hunting.


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