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Jul 03rd
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We need your help to keep the newsroom going!

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   Yes, it’s true.  Newjerseynewsroom.com needs your contributions.  We need your help because in the wild world of internet journalism and free content, advertising doesn’t always cover all the bills. We need your help because we are the only cooperative of journalists in the country, and we are dedicated to reporting the news in a way that fits the digital age.

We created this news site to address the changes in the way news is delivered, and we continue to be pioneers in digital journalism.  Our stories are succinct and posted continually throughout the day as news is created.  Other news sites do this, but nowhere else will you find the unique stories of local interest to Jersey readers.

You want your news online.  You want to fire up your laptop and read the news in the morning on NJ Transit.  You want to check it at your desk or on the run during the day.   You want to read it again on the way home.  You want to read it on your Smartphone during the boring parts of your kid’s basketball game.  And when you do this, you want it to be new and fresh each time.   At Newjerseynewsroom.com, it is.

Digital journalism is a bright new world; exciting to produce, exciting to read.  We don’t just set the agenda for what you’ll read. Many of our stories are taken from what’s hot on the search engines, so that our writers make sure we are giving our readers the information that they are already craving.

Please consider the suggested donation of $2 per month.  We have no corporate backing, no wealthy sponsors.  We have no shareholders to satisfy, just you, the readers.  Why not contribute something, just once, to see how it feels?  You’ll be making news.


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1 Sunday, 25 March 2012 14:52
Chaplain Mary Murphy War Widow
We can raise funds for you throughout the country if you follow up on the e mail you were kind enough to provide; i.e. "prison" for Veterans Housing

303 238 1456

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