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Jul 06th
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Christie Is All That's Stopping Same Sex Marriage In NJ

christiesayrevilleBY MICHAEL HAYNE

New York, Maryland and Delaware now all have legalized same-sex marriage, meaning that New Jersey is the lone bigot amid a sandwich of tolerance. And if there has been one thing Christie has been consistent about, it's been his love of sandwiches. So for a state that claims to be the Garden State, we really seems to hate fruit. Who knows, maybe the governor thinks that legalizing same-sex marriage means he will have to leave his wife and marry another dude.

With polls showing more and more NJ residents favoring same-sex marriage, the biggest thing standing in the way of gay marriage is Christie himself. The state just barely got it last there last year when both houses of the state Legislature passed bills that would have allowed same-sex marriage.But of course the bill was vetoed by Gov. Chris Christie and wants to put civil rights to a vote.

“I voted for both of those (civil union bills) and I voted for same-sex marriage,” said Assemblyman John Burzichelli (D-3, of Paulsboro), adding the same-sex marriage bill “would have put us at pace with our neighboring state.” (

And Senate President Stephen Sweeney said Tuesday it’s “shameful” for New Jersey to fall behind other states on the issue of marriage equality Sweeney plans on overriding the Governor's veto by putting it back on the agenda.

60 percent of New Jersey residents approve it, but Gov Christie has a formality in a reelection before he gets to 2016, where he has to appeal to socially backwards voters in southern primaries .


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