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Jul 06th
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Gov. Chris Christie: Tricks or treats?

christie103111_optBY JOSHUA HENNE

In just under two years, Chris Christie has already engaged in more than enough mischief that continues to harm New Jersey’s middle-class, while enriching his deep-pocketed friends and inflating his ego.

So, in honor of Halloween, we’d like to remind you of some of Chris Christie’s tricks….and his treats. It’s downright spooky how Christie has succeeded in hiding the true story below.


• Bungling the Race to the Top application - causing New Jersey’s children to lose $400 million in federal education funding … and throwing his Education Commissioner under the bus in the process.

• 25 percent increase in fares for NJ Transit rail and commuter bus lines since Christie took office - a commuter tax if there ever was one - even though residents are told “taxes” haven’t been raised.

• New Jersey’s unemployment rate stands at 9.4 percent - above the national average.

• Municipalities bear bigger burdens, as Christie cuts to state aid passes the pain along to local residents.

• In 2010, 518 municipalities witnessed an increase in the average homeowner's tax bill.

• Also in 2010, property taxes increased by an average of 23.5 percent - including taxpayer rebate cuts - while services decline.

• The ARC Tunnel was cancelled, even though Christie had previously supported the project. Taxpayers are now on the hook for $95 million with nothing to show for it, while 6k immediate construction jobs and 45k potential future jobs were lost forever.

• Seniors saw their rebate checks cancelled…while Christie laps up right-wing, inside-the beltway kudos by floating raising the age of Social Security just as the baby boom generation is graying.

• Financial aid is slashed for students attending our colleges and universities while job prospects after graduation dwindle.

• Christie vetoed women’s health funding for ideological reasons – and caused New Jersey to lose out on tens of millions of dollars of federal funding in the process.

• Christie snuck out of New Jersey to meet with the Koch Brothers…while planning to gut environmental protections in order to help corporate polluters write the rules that govern them.

• Christie fanned the flames of presidential speculation to feed his ego and raise $1.5 million for state GOP coffers.

• Last year, Christie cut nearly $1.3 billion in aid to New Jersey schools.


• Promised $200 million in tax breaks to the corporation that took over development of the Meadowlands Xanadu project.

• Handing over $261 million in bailout money to casino executives for the Revel project in Atlantic City.

• Bailing out his friends and political allies looking to take over Hoboken University Medical Center … Christie bestowed special treatment on his buddies, while letting women health centers around the state shutter.

• Allowing New Jersey’s millionaire tax to expire - taking away $600 million in direct property tax relief for seniors and the disabled - in order to make sure multi-millionaires pay less.

• Hosting over 56 taxpayer-funded political rallies under the guise of “town hall meetings”.

• Paying lobbyist law firm Patton Boggs $1.4 million in taxpayer money to defend Christie’s ill-advised cancellation of the ARC Tunnel.

• Using a helicopter - at taxpayer expense - to watch his son’s baseball game and then attend meeting in the state owned Governor’s mansion with out-of-state GOP fundraisers.

• Skipping town while an historic blizzard was bearing down on New Jersey … to instead hide out in sunny Disney World.

• As US Attorney, Christie gave his old boss John Ashcroft's firm a no-bid contract worth tens of millions of dollars after Ashcroft left the Department of Justice. Fellow Bush appointee Ashcroft recently returned the favor by contributing thousands to the New Jersey GOP coffers in 2011.

One New Jersey is shining a light on politicians who act against the best interests of New Jersey’s residents and who seek to divide our state for their own political gain. You can follow One New Jersey on Twitter or search for “One New Jersey” on Facebook.

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