Phil Mitsch, a N.J. Senate candidate, defends equating women to prostitutes |

Jul 04th
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Phil Mitsch, a N.J. Senate candidate, defends equating women to prostitutes

mitschphil102111_optBY MICHAEL HAYNE

Today’s politicians are not very different from the politicians of yesterday: manipulative, corrupt, ego-maniacal and, of course, hornier than a goat on a diet of Viagra. But the one thing that separates the old guard from the new guard is social networking, and the lighting fast speed with which it can ruin a public servant’s political career. Do I even have to mention a certain New York Congressman’s, ahem, “constituency”, or a shirtless N.Y. Republican Congressman. Apparently being a total creepo is a pre-requisite to become a New York elected official.

Camden County Republican Senate Candidate Phil Mitsch, yet another politicians that fails to understand the meaning of “social” media, is presently embroiled in controversy regarding some breathtakingly stupid and sexist comments he made via his Twitter account.

"Women, you increase your odds of keeping your men by being faithful, a lady in the living room and a whore in the bedroom," he wrote in a Sept. 2 post to his more than 44,000 Twitter followers.

Something tells me Mr. Mitcsh won’t be getting any twitter requests from The League of Women voters or invitations to appear on “The View” in the foreseeable future.

But unlike Congressman Anthony Weiner, who wept on national TV regarding showing his “single-member” constituent to one of his fawning female followers on Twitter, Candidate (not for much long) not only failed to express any contrition, but acted as though he was Lil Wayne offering wannabe gangsters dating advice.

"That's a great tip," he said Wednesday in a meeting with The Inquirer's editorial board. "That shows the utmost respect for women. . . . What I was trying to say to men was, ‘Men, look, if you got to go out and play around and you can't be honest with a woman and respect her, then you're better off just doing pay, play, and get the 'F' away.' "

Can anyone say “stuck in a hole with signs of digging”?

Perhaps being just a candidate for office, Mr. Mitcsh has not yet mastered the manufactured apologetic response that might come from the more seasoned politician. That is, when you get caught with your pants down or say something unbelievably, unfathomably offensive to a significant voting bloc, you probably shouldn’t then make a statement that basically equates women to prostitutes.

Mitsch, 62, a retired real estate broker from Merchantville, faces Democratic Sen. James Beach in a Camden County district with 2-1 Democratic registration. Political observers say Mitsch is a long shot.

But this certainly hasn’t stopped members of both parties demanding that he immediately drop out of the race before the Nov. 8th election.

"Phil Mitsch's remarks make him unfit for public office," said Rick Gorka, spokesman for the New Jersey State Republican Committee.


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