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May 30th
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Snorting the Koch: Koch brother-backed group sternly warns Gov. Christie on Obamacare

hayneMichael080311_optBY MICHAEL HAYNE

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has had a rough few weeks (just look at his sweatshirt). From his very noble and effective handling of Superstorm Sandy, to the ridiculously hateful and unfounded backlash he received within his own party for complementing that dam Kenyan Socialist and his FEMA readiness (how dare he do his job and hug Obama!).

And with conservatives screaming at each other and practically blaming pebbles and rocks, including Christie, for the crushing defeat of Romney instead of their own inability to reach out to non-white Christian millionaires, New Jersey’s barrier islands appear to be in better shape than Christie’s aspirations in today’s bat sh#t crazy Republican Party. Adding insult to injury, Christie has until Friday to decide how to implement Obamacare in his state of 1.3 million uninsured.

It seems a conservative outfit partly funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers, the shadowy Monty Burns-esque industrialists who once called Christie “their kind of guy’, is coming after Christie and ensuring that he does their bidding on Obamacare.

From Mother Jones:

The New Jersey Legislature passed a bill on October 18 creating a state-based online health insurance marketplace; it did so because under Obamacare a state must either create its own insurance marketplace or let the federal government do it. Christie vetoed a similar state-based insurance exchange bill in May, but he said last month he wouldn't decide what to do about the new bill until after Election Day.

Enter the New Jersey chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the Koch-backed conservative grassroots group. AFP-New Jersey is pressuring Christie to reject the state exchange bill and rebuff Obamacare's requirements before November 16, the date by which states must submit its health insurance plans to the federal government. Here's what AFP-New Jersey Steve Lonegan had to say about Christie in a press release zapped out two days after the election:

Barack Obama has been re-elected. Congress will not be able to repeal the law so now the burden is on the states to thwart it. That means these bureaucratic and costly exchanges must be stopped, along with the tax increases that come along with them.

Other conservative governors across the country like Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Scott Walker, and others have already taken a principled stand. Where is Governor Christie? Will he stand with them? Will he prevent New Jerseyans from having their healthcare choices controlled by federal bureaucrats? Will he allow our state’s struggling businesses to be hammered by Obamacare's tax penalties with unemployment hovering around 10 percent? Or will he continue to go along to get along with Barack Obama?

In the pre-Obama era, when conservatives actually had a functioning cortex and when Democrats could talk to them without them suddenly erupting into unintelligible rants, kicking in the sand like a bunch of mentally disabled man-children all for party gamesmanship, Christie could act accordingly. So will Christie continue his current path of eschewing the selfish and petty gamesmanship that animates today’s Republican Party? Or will he revert back to his old ways of catering to the lowest common denominator to keep his presidential aspirations alive when he needs the tin-foil cap crowd’s vote in the primaries? Christie, who delivered the keynote speech at Charles and David Koch's ultra-exclusive seminar at the Ritz-Carlton resort near Vail, Colorado. was called a "true political hero" by the Koch Brothers. Oh, temptations.

Michael Hayne is a comedian/VO artist/Columnist extraordinaire, who co-wrote an award-nominated comedy, wrote for NY Times Laugh Lines, guest-blogged for Joe Biden, and writes a column for affiliated Cagle Media, Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


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Comments (1)
1 Wednesday, 14 November 2012 21:48
Barbara Bison
I'm on Obamacare in California. There's nothing affordable about it. California instituted the program about a year and a half ago.

I pay $447 a month just for me for Obamacare. That's $5,364 a year.

I'm 50-something years old and female. I pay co-pays for everything. I went for a prescription. The pharmacist told me it was cheaper for me to pay cash than my insurance paying it, my Obamacare. I just learned this week that I have a $1,500 a year deductible. I can afford the $447 per month. I pay it. But I don't see how this helps out people who have financial struggles.

When I originally heard that California had the Obamacare, I called the State of California to get the insurance. No one asked me how much I make, nothing. So this is not income based. I was just told, "Send a check for $447, a copy of your driver's license and you're insured." I sent the check. I'm now insured. It totally works for me. But I have a very decent income. I see nothing affordable about this for a person who's not making a good income.

Also, you can't get Obamacare if you're not a citizen, so I don't see how this eliminates the emergency room problem that I heard this was supposed to fix.

I think the American people have been sold a bill of goods as far as this Obamacare is concerned. When I tell people what I'm paying, they're all surprised. They thought Obamacare meant "free" healthcare or very, very inexpensive. They had no idea it was going to cost each person around five thousand dollars a year.

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