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Jul 05th
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How to create a powerful image as an expert in your field

bujvideo092709_optBY MARGARET BUJ

If you are looking or about to start looking for a new job, this article is for you. Once you have your resume ready it is time to embrace modern technology and look into creating your visual image as a professional. No, I do not mean attaching your photo along with the resume. I am talking about creating your powerful and dynamic image as an expert in your field.

If you do not have your website it is a good time to create one. Reserve a domain or your (if you have your own company) and create your web page. You can also start your own blog on any of the free blog sites available. You can put there elaborate version of your resume including samples of your previous work or testimonials from your managers, colleagues and clients. Let others know about your site/blog and encourage them to leave comments.

Create an account on YouTube -under your full name or using your email address and post videos of yourself as a professional. If you are Equities Trader put on your best suit, sit at your desk and speak about trading, share your knowledge. If you are a Java Developer, do a short tutorial on Java. If you are a manual worker make a video of DIY plumbing/carpentry. You may create videos on the use of Excel, Oracle or forklift — it does not matter as long as it fits in your specialty and shows off your skills. Make a habit of uploading a new video every week with the tips from your profession. Link those videos to your website or blog. If you are seeking a job in creative filed such as Advertising, Media or Entertainment, create a Facebook or Twitter accounts and upload pictures and videos of your work. You can use video recording function of your camera or get a cheap one in one of the electronic stores. I use Flip Mino which you can buy on Amazon for about $95.

When sending your resume and cover letter attach those links — an image is more powerful than thousand words. Remember that your visual aids are strictly professional — no complaints about ex boss, no happy family snaps, this is not your memoire but simply a tool that will present the range of your knowledge and help you secure this perfect position. Remember to always use your full name/email login in all of those visual activities; it will get you hits in Google search, give you credibility and the recognition on your field.

It is important that you get your visual image to be professional and polished. You may need to see and hear yourself talking to make sure that you look competent and confident. Self recording is also a great help in checking whether you are prepared to handle difficult questions at an interview. This may be a key to getting a new job, just like it was for one of my clients. She was a successful lady with several years of experience within a bank, yet despite getting invited to many interviews, she did not get any offers. She sought my help to come across as more impactful and persuasive. Having done a mock interview with her, I did not find any flaws in her responses and attitude, she was a perfect candidate. What let her down was her body language. To show her where she got it wrong I had to sit her in front of a mirror. She kept her head titled at all times which made her look like a girl on a date rather than a professional at an interview, she smiled rather flirtatiously, and she touched her hair — all unconsciously and unknowingly. Her body was simply sending a wrong message to the interviewer.

Looking at her reflection she saw it clearly and she was finally able to control these small gestures. Not surprisingly she got the next job she interviewed for — her body was showing the same confidence and tenacity as her verbal responses. So, record yourself and watch yourself speak, you may be surprised by how much you can learn and how it can increase your chances of getting a new position.

This article is an excerpt from my ebook "Top Career Strategies To Win Your Dream Job". To download your free interview guide "Interview Skills That Win The Job", please visit:

Margaret Buj is an Interview Coach and a senior recruiter, with experience of recruiting across EMEA for leading organizations in the technology sector, including Microsoft, VMware, Cisco and Business Objects. For more interview advice, visit Margaret at


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