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May 30th
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Some rejoice over SEAL Team 6 deaths in Afghanistan

sealteam6080811_optBY BOB HOLT

There are many people in Pakistan who are rejoicing the death of 22 US Navy Seals commandos that were killed Saturday in Afghanistan’s Saed Abad district.

In the deadliest single loss for American forces in the war against the Taliban, the US military helicopter CH-47 Chinook was shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade from Taliban insurgents Saturday during fighting in eastern Afghanistan.

But according to Times Wire Service, when speaking of the U.S. Seal commandos, an editorial in Pakistan’s leading Urdu Daily Jasarat says, “Their biggest accomplishment in their whole life is said to be their participation in Abottabad Operation. It was only after this operation that the American President announced the ‘martyrdom’ of Usama bin laden and the victory of the US army in Afghanistan.”

The Associated Press reports that none of the 22 SEALs who were killed in the crash were part of the crew that killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, but they were members of the same unit. Thirty American service members, seven Afghan commandos, and a civilian interpreter and seven Afghan commandos were casualties in the crash.

CBS News reports that the fallen Seals’ bodies were set to be flown back to the U.S. on Tuesday morning aboard a military plane headed for Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

A spokesman for the U.S. coalition said troops had secured the crash site in eastern Wardak and nobody was being allowed in or out of the area while the crash investigation was ongoing. Many of the fallen Seals were in their 20s and 30s and had young children.

Comments (4)
4 Monday, 12 September 2011 01:47
Foreign Policy
Ron Paul 2012.
Bring the troops home.
Quit printing money, inflation taxes the poor. We're not stupid.
Respect your oaths.
3 Thursday, 11 August 2011 02:04
Why are people cheering american casualties? here's my take.

How many thousands of civilians have been killed by the US in Iraq and Afghanistan "accidentally on purpose" over the last decade? I don't have exact figures in front of me, but I'll wager it numbers in the hundreds of thousands (goodness, it could be even higher than that for all I know). Only an american could be so self-absorbed, so arrogant and so ignorant as to think that killing civilians in another land will earn you plaudits; it reminds me of unthinking americans who couldn't figure out why the south vietnamese turned on them (at times) in the Vietnam quagmire when all the americans did was kill, what, between 1-3 million civilians? USA! USA! USA! The problem with the states, and the reason why it is so loathed in the world, is because it piously sermonizes to the rest of the world while acting like a rather clumsy, stupid and very destructive imperialistic power. How many military bases do you have situated around the world in the post-cold war era? How many fruitless wars have you waged over the past five or six generations? Save for WWI and WWII, you can make a case that the excited states has done a lot more harm than good in the world. Frankly, given the blood that you shed in Latin America and in the Middle East, given your moral hypocrisy in foreign affairs, and given the dictators you supported (and evidently still support) it's a wonder you're not more hated around the globe.
2 Monday, 08 August 2011 23:38
I think it is a tragedy that our seals were killed. i also think it is bolshit that our government cannot tell the families of our soldiers that are in the green berets and navy seals and so forth when or where they are are to the families during times of panic and emergency. I agree draw our troops back home. Also Obama needs to go find another country to ruin.
1 Monday, 08 August 2011 17:01
pat goebel
For the people rejoicing I would say we cut off all aid to the sick country of Pakistan, withdraw all troop support from everywhere in the world and bring our guys home. Nobody in the world likes us...screw everyone!

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