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Jul 04th
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Vancouver Riot Kiss captures this era (PHOTO)?

riotkiss2061811_optBY PAM LOBLEY

When the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins this week, some angry fans rioted in the city of Vancouver. The violence and carnage escalated, cars were burned, the police were called in, tear gas was deployed.

And a nice young couple decided to have a lie-down make-out session in the middle of it all.


The “Vancouver Kiss” – the picture of a young couple on the ground, sharing a kiss, has gone viral. But how real was it?

Pretty real. Alexandra Thomas and her date, Scott Jones, had attended the hockey game and were caught in the mayhem. Alexandra had been knocked down by the police, and Scott was on the ground with her, making sure she as alright and comforting her. A Getty Images photographer, Rich Lam, got the photo.

Then the photo went viral, often referred to as “love among the ruins”. The juxtaposition of the senseless rioting and the tender kiss was irresistible. Also, there was a pretty nice view up Alexandra’s skirt. Mother was right: always wear clean underpants!

Riots have been exploding all over the world these days, and I say some kissing is just what is needed. We’ve been going a little overboard with the rioting thing. OK, the Middle Eastern countries with terrible dictators – THEY have a right to riot. But riots outside the courthouse to get tickets for the Casey Anthony murder trial? Seriously? Do you people not have a job? OK, well, maybe you don’t have a job, given this economy. Perhaps you should be rioting about that!

The Greeks have been in a constant state of rioting since they found out their government handouts are going to be curtailed. In fact, most of Europe gets a little riot going every time another financial cut is announced. And there are always rabid sports fans somewhere in the world looking for some loss (or win!) to get all riotous about.

I’ve never been a big fan of rioting. All that spastic shoving and flailing is so ungraceful. You can never understand what anybody’s shouting. The actual people that you’re mad at usually aren’t even there, on the street with you. And what happens when it’s over, assuming you didn’t get taken away in an ambulance or police car? Do you just drift apart from your disgruntled co-rioters as the crowd disburses, feebly echoing the evenings’ chants: “Bruins suck! Down with the Euro! Leave our pensions alone!” And then, pretty soon you’re a few blocks away, so you stop chanting, and you look for your wallet, and you just get on the subway and head home. Rioting all done.

Now this kiss has given us a welcome contrast to the random destruction and useless waste that is rioting. Do you want to be the guy waving a stick and contorting your face in some ugly primal yell? Or do you want to be the guy with the shapely girl in the clean underpants? Give it some thought.

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1 Saturday, 18 June 2011 13:20
More than anything else, it is 'Vancouver-riot-kiss' aka 'Love-among-the-ruins' which has rescued Vancouver from the real intensity of shame and blame which could have come its way.

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