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Jul 03rd
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Licious by Coco launched by Ice-T’s wife

icet052811_optNew Jersey’s Celebrity Magnet takes in the daring clothing designs


New Jersey's Celebrity Magnet Tom Murro showed up at midtown Manhattan’s Grace Hotel at 8 p.m., Sunday night to support Coco’s clothing line launch. Coco (Nicole “Coco Marie” Austin), also known as Ice-T’s wife, who both live along the Hudson River in Hudson County N.J., showed she is more than just a blonde beauty; she is a successful designer.

Murro came to view this latest clothing line called “Licious apparel by Coco” to support his new famous friends. He began the night posing on the carpet with Ice-T (Tracy Morrow, who was born in Newark and lived in Summit before moving to California), Coco and Golden Gloves Boxer Eric Kelly. However, the line of photographers’ attention was directed the opposite way towards the car accident that had just ensued.

The Grace Lounge club owner backed his Lamborghini into Ice-T’s Bentley. “The crowd screamed like someone got hit by a car,” said Murro. “Ice was very cool about it, much cooler than I would have been.” The screams from the crowds turned back to the celebrities as they realized Ice-T’s Bentley and the club owners car would survive.

Murro and his crew hung upstairs in the Grace Hotel’s Grace Lounge, near the pool. They all passed around sliders, chicken teriyaki, and pink cupcakes as they enjoyed bottle service, finding out what was in their complimentary gift bags, and friendly conversations with surrounding socialites.

Coco’s designs were a hit with the crowd. Her designs range from swimwear to dresses and jeans, and fit all female sizes. Each piece is packed with vibrant colors and daring patterns. They are for the woman who wants to make a statement, just like her. She also had the opportunity to introduce her “Team Coco” line, which included all workout gear. Now women with curves can continue working on those curves… in style!

There were also several talented rappers in attendance. DMX’s wife made an appearance as well. Murro asked her why her famous husband, DMX, was not at the event. She laughed at him implying he must be kidding with her. “I forgot that he was in prison,” said Murro. “I covered it up by saying I guess he is here in spirit.” Another old school rapper there was Grandmaster Caz, Casanova Fly, who wrote Rapper’s Delight from the Sugar Hill Gang.

coco052811_optMurro also learned after Kelly offered Ice-T an invite to his boxing gym, that Ice-T learned to box in the army. “I should add he was wearing a Richard Mille watch probably worth a few hundred thousand,” said Murro. “I guess “Law & Order” must be paying really well.”

After hanging in the VIP for a few hours they all headed to the pool, where Coco and all of her "Coco Licious" models decided to dance to the music by the pool with their dresses on.

Coco was described by Murro as “very sweet” and someone who “knows how to run a business.”

Perhaps she can teach Murro how to run an affordable transit business for those Jerseyans who miss the last ferry back to the Garden State. Let’s just say, he now knows the schedule very well after having to pay $100 for a taxi ride home.


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