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Jun 30th
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'The Muppets' movie review, trailer: Kermit and friends are back

muppets112711_optBY JOHN SOLTES

The world needs more Muppets.

Let’s be honest, there has been something lacking for the past few years — something we couldn’t quite put our finger on. Unrest in the Middle East, religious strife, rising unemployment rates, corrupt Wall Street cronies, crime, deprivation. The Muppets can somehow solve any and all problems. Just give me the endearing wisdom of Kermit the Frog, in his calming Mr. Rogers-style line delivery, and throw in some fart shoes and I’m set for life. The world just isn’t the same without these fuzzy friends.

Thankfully, the 2011 cinematic reboot, starring an enjoyable Amy Adams and Jason Segel, captures the magic and wonder of Jim Henson’s entertaining creations. All the greats are there: Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie Bear, Animal. Even the lesser known characters are present: Sam Eagle, Waldorf and Statler, among others.

The new addition is Walter (Peter Linz), a puppet boy with dreams of one day visiting the legendary Muppet Studio in Los Angeles. Helping him along the way is Gary (Segel) and Mary (Adams), two lovebirds who live in Smalltown, USA. They all board a cross-country bus and travel to Hollywood for some sightseeing and song-and-dance numbers.

What they find is dispiriting and deflating: The Muppet Studio is in a dire state of disrepair. Worse yet, Tex Richman (Chris Cooper, in a very funny role) is planning to tear down the old Muppet Show theater once and for all. The only way to save the day is for the Muppets to get back together and put on a show. Their mission: Raise $10 million through a telethon and circumvent Richman’s diabolical plans.

Walter and company convince Kermit to track down the old gang. Fozzie is working in a rundown casino in Reno, while Miss Piggy has become the editor of French Vogue. Animal is in anger-management classes, while Gonzo sells toilets. These are the Muppets, after all. Would you expect anything different?


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