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Jul 04th
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'Wanderlust' movie review, trailer: Rudd and Aniston are a 'real trip'

WanderlustmPoster022612_optBY JOE TYRRELL

"Wanderlust" is a comedy for stoners at that delicate time when a mid-life crisis arrives before mid-life has even been acknowledged.

Like 'heads of any age, though, the script by director David Wain and Ken Marino starts out smartly, but can't help being overcome by the occasional fit of giggles. Many of the latter are directed at nudist winemaker Wayne (Joe Lo Truglio), who spends many scenes with butt-cheeks flaring and prosthetic penis dangling.

He's among the more colorful denizens of the Elysium Bed and Breakfast — sorry, commune; sorrier, "intentional community" — where New Yorkers Linda (Jennifer Aniston) and George (Paul Rudd) accidentally transplant themselves.

The pair of 40-somethings are would-be alpha dogs who have been turned to Alpo by the economy. Having just purchased a tiny West Village studio apartment — no, "micro-loft" — they have acquired a molehill of living space plus a mountain of debt. Still, no worries. George expects a promotion. Linda is about to pitch her documentary to HBO.

That's until George arrives at his office to find the FBI carting away files and hauling off his boss in handcuffs. And it turns out that HBO suits find a film about penguins with testicular cancer depressing. "Our brand is about violence and heartbreak, yes, but sexy," snaps a brusque and pregnant executive.

When Linda sarcastically suggests focusing on teen vampire penguins, the woman perks up, "I don't know whether you're joking, but that would interest us."

Soon, George and Linda are trying to unload that closet-sized micro-loft — "Nobody's buying studio apartments," their realtor now tells them — and screaming their way south from Manhattan. George's older brother Rick (Marino) has promised him a job in Atlanta.


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