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Jun 01st
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Facebook movement works to let James Tate go to prom despite his history of disciplinary issues

tatejames051411_optBY PAM LOBLEY

James Tate, a high school senior at Shelton High School in Connecticut, has been banned from his senior prom. You know this already. You may have seen him interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

He asked his date, Sonali Rodrigues, by taping up cardboard letters on the brick wall of the school. The message said: “Sonali Rodrigues will you go to prom with me? HMU — Tate.”

He got caught, he received a one-day suspension for trespassing after school hours, and because the school has a hard and fast rule that anyone suspended after April 1 is barred from the prom, he will not be allowed to attend.

You know this also. Maybe you’ve seen the “Let James Tate Go to the Prom” Facebook page that now has more than 195,000 supporters.

What you don’t know, and what I am about to reveal to you, is that this kid has had a history of disciplinary issues and general bad behavior for years. It’s amazing he’s even graduating. This reprobate has been known to:

Use a number 3 pencil on his standardized tests,

Sneeze into his hand instead of his elbow,

Sneak a soda and candy into movies so all he has to buy is the popcorn,

Frequently not eat the banana that his mother packs him for lunch, and instead just throw it away,

Read under the covers in bed with a flashlight long after his mother has told him to turn his light out, and

Fail to comply with the full course of medicated lotion treatment during a bout of athlete’s foot.

I also have it on good authority that his bedroom is a total mess, he won’t eat vegetables unless accompanied by melted cheese or ranch dressing, and he repeatedly pretends he can’t hear his Dad call him when it’s time for yard work.


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