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Jul 05th
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(VIDEO) Lee Harvey Oswald did not assassinate JFK, says Texas doctor

kennedyassas121311_optA Texas chiropractor has come up with a new conspiracy theory about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Ralph Cinque says that Lee Harvey Oswald could not have killed JFK with a rifle from a sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository — because he wasn’t there.

Instead, Cinque says, Oswald was standing outside, watching as the president’s motorcade passed from beside a doorway. And he says photographs prove it.

As was reported by Before It’s News, Cinque is referring to a famous photo taken by Ike Altgens, which Cinque says was doctored.

This isn’t a new thesis; it’s been around since the photo was taken in 1963.

Cinque notes in an essay on LewRockwell.com, titled “The Man in the Doorway Was Oswald” published on Dec. 8, that the Warren Commission’s conclusion that the person in question “was Billie Lovelady, another TBD employee, and it was based on his testimony, on the testimony of others, and on a very detailed anatomical comparison of the facial features.”

Cinque points out, however, that the person in question is wearing a white T-shirt under a collared dark plaid shirt that is unbuttoned most of the way — which is what Oswald was wearing when he was arrested.

Lovelady, who is seen in another photo watching Oswald after the arrest, was wearing a lighter plaid shirt that appears to be buttoned almost to the top.

Cinque, the director of Dr. Cinque's Health Retreat in Buda, Texas, claims in his essay that the photo of Lovelady watching Oswald escorted by police “is actually a composite: the left side shows Lovelady in the foreground as Oswald is being led away, and the right side shows Lovelady alone.” 

He also writes that “it has been suggested that the Altgens’ photo was altered. And a minute thing like the pattern of a balding hairline would have been relatively easy to alter.”

The UCLA graduate lists a lot of other reasons he feels it’s Oswald in the photo of the passing motorcade, such as the fact that the man in the doorway’s shirt is rumpled, “in need of ironing,” like Oswald’s, while Lovelady’s shirt is “tight-fitting,” and the plaid pattern more resembles the shirt worn in Oswald’s arrest photo.

His conclusion? “I think the Doorway Man was Oswald,” Cinque writes. “I’m not saying that I would bet my life on it, but I’d bet some serious money.”

Watch his video and decide for yourself.


Comments (1)
1 Thursday, 15 December 2011 18:33
David Purcell
While I believe that there was a second gunman I believe that because of the direction of the splatter of brain and tissue fragments that hit the trunk of the car and rather forcibly hit the motorcycle cop riding to the right rear of the car. How in the name of Einstein or physics could this possibly have occurred from a shot from the rear! It's so straightforward and simple. It doesn't explain who the second shooter was but it's obvious that there was another shooter, either from the Knoll or the overpass.
Now to this, I'm always put off by people who show fuzzy, grainy, unfocussed photos and insist that they prove whatever they're trying to prove. After watching this video I swear nothing was proved to me.. The suit like lapels, the collars, etc.demonstrated nothing. I think most researchers would agree that it is actually Lovelady leaning in the doorway. It's not necessary to prove Oswald was there to show that he wasn't at the 6th floor window. Immediately after the shooting a cop and Roy Truly ran in to the building and encountered Oswald in the 2d floor cafeteria, unwinded and calmly using a vending machine.
Fact is the direction of the splatter and the destruction of and tampering with evidence. Conjecture is the shape of the lapels and the color of the shirt.

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