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May 22nd
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What is Twerking?

Twerking_copyBY BOB HOLT

The latest trend in pop culture did not go over big at a school in San Diego this past week.

A group of students from Scripps Ranch High School in San Diego have received suspensions for making a “twerking” video. Twerking is a suggestive shaking of the hips that is even done upside down.

Philly.com describes twerking as follows: 1: Do a handstand facing a wall and pin your legs to the wall as if in a squat position.  2: Shake your butt. 3: Repeat.

According to ABC 10 News, 33 students were suspended from the school, including three members of its undefeated track team. The students may also be prohibited from attending their prom, or completing graduation ceremonies.

ABC News reported that the video violated Scripps Ranch’s school dance guidelines, which prohibit students from any “dance moves that may be considered sexually provocative or simulate sexual activity, i.e., grinding, freaking, dirty dancing.”

A spokesman for the San Diego Unified School District said he was unable to discuss matters of student discipline. The video was shot with school equipment.

According to UT San Diego, 17-year old senior Lyston McNear was suspended for coming up with the video idea, even though he wasn’t in it and didn’t shoot it. McNear said now has to go through senior review and an appeals board to determine whether he can take part in the school events.

There is no word on how New Jersey schools feel about this latest trending topic.


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