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Jun 02nd
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UFO's over Jersey? Hamilton's 'Dr. UFO' Has Followed the Paranormal for 50 Years


Pat Marcattilio of Hamilton, New Jersey,  saw his first UFO in Trenton in 1963. The encounter left quite an impression on the man who has come to be known as Dr. UFO.

Marcattilio has studied astronomy since 1955 when he was in seventh grade. Now he is president and founder of the New Jersey/Pennsylvania UFO Paranormal Study Group.

The UFO/ ET Congress has been having conferences twice a year to educate civilians about acts of the paranormal, according to the group’s Facebook site.

They sell videos of all the past conference speakers for $29.95 to raise funding for the organization.

Marcattilio and a growing number of members have been holding meetings at the Hamilton Township Free Public Library on the first Wednesday of every month since 1984. According to NJ.com, Marcattilio said 37 people came to a meeting in November where a woman spoke about the healing properties of magnets.

He claims to have seen at least 20 UFOs and had dozens of paranormal experiences. It started years ago when he and his wife saw a black shadow moving across his kitchen, Marcattilio said.

As far as group meetings, Marcattilio says, according to 22050HZ, “I have a UFO datebook and I might talk about what happened in ufology on people’s birthdays. We talk about what’s going on in the news, about programs we’ve seen on TV. And I ask them to share their stories.”

“Turnout goes up and down, “ he says, “but there’s a core group.”

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1 Thursday, 03 January 2013 13:47
Cosmic Sagan
Openminds.tv brought me here. Tom Delonge brought me to openminds.tv. Awesome they posted this. I've been going to the meeting for the past 5 months. They have a great energy and are very informative. I hope to see a lot of people at the next conference, in April, at the Hamilton Hilton.

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