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Jul 04th
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Unthink looks to beat Facebook with social media honesty

unthink102711_optBY BOB HOLT

Some people have said recently that the best way a Facebook subscriber can make money from the social network is to deactivate their account and go to work. A new social network is thinking along those same lines.

TechCrunch reports that a start-up known as unthink.com is allowing in beta testers today for the first time. Unthink is calling itself the “anti-Facebook.”

They clearly have Facebook as a target, because according to CNET News, Unthink features black-and-white photos of the Civil Rights Movement on its home page, and mentions that it promises to "emancipate social media" by giving users a network free of "privacy issues," and "endless redesigns."

Forbes.com reports that the CEO of Unthink, Natasha Dedis, got the idea for Unthink “when her son wanted to sign up for Facebook and she read the terms of service which could change at any time.” Unthink claims to allow users more ownership over their personal data and privacy.

After signing up for Unthink, users are offered an app that exports photos and videos from Facebook. Users fill out the standard social networking questions, then are sent to their personal profile page. Then they pick a brand which will sponsor their page, and if they don’t want to select one, they have the option to pay $2 a year for Unthink.

Readwriteweb.com believes that Facebook has no reason to be concerned. They said Unthink got off to a bad start, as their site has been difficult to access today, and it is unknown as to whether they will be adding apps. But Unthink is looking for businesses to build brands on their new network.

The company is based in Tampa, and has $2.5 million in funding. Unthink sees itself as a more open, more honest form of social networking – one where its users are the owners of their own data, and not the product being sold to advertisers.

Comments (2)
2 Monday, 31 October 2011 12:17
If you guys have gotten in, you think you could send an invite to nolet.brandon@gmail.com?
1 Friday, 28 October 2011 07:50
Mainak Banerjee
Just signed up, but not getting the confirmation code to complete the procedure!

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