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Jan 25th
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She Sees Dead People: New Jersey's "Psychic Tia"


Tucked in Tia Belle’s back bag was a deck of dog tagged Tarot cards. When the other fifth graders stayed after school for extra help, the pint-sized brunette would go home instead with the teacher to read those cards. Her insight was uncanny, unfiltered, and extremely honest even then.

Never one to mince words, she laughingly refers to it as her “balls to the wall” approach, the same approach that captivated television viewers during an earlier appearance on “The Housewives of New Jersey.”

It wasn’t long afterwards that executives from FremantelMedia North America came courting at her enchanted shop, The Craft in Totowa. Fast forward ahead, the medium/psychic’s A&E Network series, “Psychic Tia,” is debuting with back-to-back episodes at 10 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 3rd.

Despite her dual ability to both talk to dead people and predict the future, Tia seems genuinely surprised and delighted by this newfound notoriety. Only five years have passed since Tia came “out of the closet.” She explains, “I was three years old when people, who had passed, began showing up in my room. I wasn’t afraid. It felt comforting and they had a warm energy about them.”

“One day, I told my best friend that her father was going to die and he did two days later. After that, I held this gift I’d been given dearly and closely, keeping it within my family. But down deep I always knew I was different.”

Tia’s life unfolded traditionally enough. She married, became a mother, divorced and remarried, joined the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office, and worked as a crime scene investigator on a forensic level. One thing she didn’t do was volunteer any intuitions or physic impressions she received. “I didn’t want to leave myself open to ridicule on the job. I was a girl in a boy’s outfit trying to fit in,” the 40-something woman confessed.

Eventually sidelined by a life threatening infection, Tia had plenty of time to think. “I vowed that when I got better I was going to go for it, and use my gift,” she said. She emerged from that illness a new person, armed with unstoppable courage and determination. “I was raised by a Marine, who instilled the importance of giving your all to everything you do,” she interjected.

Searching for the right location, Tia was lead to an historic stone building in Totowa. The two cherubs carved into rocks over the doorway validated the choice. A quaint shop soon emerged, filled with potions, candles and other supernatural paraphernalia that Tia refers to as “a land of misfit toys.” These are symbolic items Tia often “prescribes” for her clients addressing every imaginable issue, from finding one’s soul mate to rescuing a floundering business.

Armed with an innate flair for drama, Tia suits up for the day’s appointments in a long black flowing gown. It perfectly complements her bigger-than-life personality. Reading for a client, Tia relays messages from the spiritual world with lavish amounts of maternal-like compassion and comfort. When it comes to predicting the future, advice is often tempered with a generous dose of humor.

When a woman asks about her prospective love life, Tia is quick to admonish, “Forget about dipping that cannoli into your expresso. You need to get some double A batteries and to concentrate on your business first.”

Her overriding intention throughout is to use her vision to provide guidance to her clients and help them live better lives. As for Tia’s own life, between running a business, having a family, and listening to spirits, it can get pretty noisy.

Comments (18)
18 Saturday, 07 September 2013 21:58
I am extremely blessed and I would just like to hear from my mother in law who died while I was pregnant with my daughter. I would also love to bring my mother who would love to communicate with her mother and her sister ( my aunt)who died recently. I moved to Florida a year ago and I would love to be able to do this for my mother as well as myself. Thank you
17 Saturday, 07 September 2013 21:58
I am extremely blessed and I would just like to hear from my mother in law who died while I was pregnant with my daughter. I would also love to bring my mother who would love to communicate with her mother and her sister ( my aunt)who died recently. I moved to Florida a year ago and I would love to be able to do this for my mother as well as myself. Thank you
16 Friday, 06 September 2013 22:32
Dear Tia,
Please give me info how to make appointment for a private reading, I am in IL, My Mother would like to connect with me.
Please email
15 Sunday, 01 September 2013 20:07
My husband is so depressed all the time and worrys alot. He tells me he is ready to die because he thinks no one is gonna help him in life to get ahead and not worry about financial issues or if how things are gonna be when he gets older. I am so scared he is gonna get so depressed at times and he is gonna do something. please give me some feed back advice of what you might see . email is

14 Wednesday, 28 August 2013 01:04
Jane LaPalombara
Have had a devistsingn horrible life changing experience which left me a shell of a person. For the first time in 6 years I have made small strides which has brought on this strange mental confusion of who I am & what good I am now. I have 2 boys, 1 just turned 22 & and my other son is 18. His name is Dominick . This week took an IQ exam and passed for the Army National Gusrd & will be leaving for boot cp the 3rd week in Sept for OKLAHOMA! I tried every method of psychology to get him not to do this but none of it works. He is a Mamas boy mad I am extremely close with both my boys, but Dominick is a old soul and recently confided in mr that dead people talk to him all the time which I suspected but he never wanted to talk about it to Anyone.. I can only imagine how booked you are but he asked me if he could talk to someone with abilities so he can manage it, Expecially before he leaved for Oklahoma, and he will be gona for 5 months . All he wants is for me to support him and be proud of him. It does effect him when in a big way! With every ounce of my soul I feel he knows
He just knows when I'm having snxioty about how worried I am.
Long story short , we both need you'rr Help!!! So Badly!! Miracles do happen so I assk, Would it be possible for us to to come see iyou anytime from now until he leaved at the end of the month???
13 Saturday, 24 August 2013 22:01
Marla Geyer
My husband of 45 years, and in completely good health, went on a hike oct. 27th 2011 where he fell and died right away. so unexpected, I can't seem to move on. I sure wish he would say something to you that you could pass on to me, to help me go on.
12 Saturday, 24 August 2013 19:51
Cheryl Ventura
I would love the chance to have a private readingN
11 Thursday, 22 August 2013 11:20
Catherine Cortez
Hello Tia, My BFF Trish and myself reside in Northern California, both
of us are Native American, and we would like Very Much to have a reading form you. We do need help and guidance. We have the same Birthday,different years,1971 and 1958. We LOVE your show and have been interested in Psychic Phenomena and all that goes with it for years. PLEASE Psychic Tia, let me know how to obtain an appointment with you as soon as possible, so that proper travel arrangement can be made. Thank You and Bless You Tia. We very much anticipate your to response, if at all possible. :)xo
10 Wednesday, 21 August 2013 14:03
Vicki Gordon
Hello Tia, I have watched you on TV. here in Seagoville, TX where I live and I was amazed at your Gift that God has given you and I do Believe in spirits cause I am a big believer in Christ so there for if there is good spirits I believe there are also bad spirits. any way I think you are a very lovely women and that you really have a gift and I'm glad to see you put your gift to helping others there is none thing more rewarding than that. I would love to someday get a reading from you in the near future have a bless day. Vicki Gordon.
9 Sunday, 11 August 2013 13:16
Marguerite Murphy
Extremely impressed! Please let me know how myself & friend could get a private reading-will come from Boston to do so 857-891-5501
8 Sunday, 11 August 2013 07:00
Hello tia!!!!
My name is Linh,i would like u to help me with my personal life .i m from Toronto ,Canada .i watched ur show last night and it was amazed me ,u was the one I have been looking for in the past 7 years .i have been to so many many psychics in Canada and America to search for help ,I spent all My money that I earned from working 7 days a week and 12 hours a day for all of those psychics and I got back nothjng .they took all my money and I never got what I was asking for .i m very suffering in. My life tia .i have a 6 years old daughter on my own without any family around me to help me and I m crying everyday from All the struggling keep Coming to my life .anyway I hope i could b able to have a reading from u so u could help my life to b better and I can have a normal family like the others which I never got before ever in my entire life .
Thanks and hope I can hear from you !!!
7 Saturday, 10 August 2013 22:31
how will a current legal issue work out? and would very much like a larger business sooner than later. Need reading
6 Monday, 05 August 2013 11:56
Tia I watched your show Sat.night I was impressed with how you helped those people.I wanted to know if you can help me with my money problems
there's always something comes up every time I get paid that my whole
pay check has to be spent on fixing something. A pay raise, A job that pays more.Is their something I can do so money will come in with out going right back out as fast as it comes in.I tired of been broke the same day as I get payed.I also wanted to know what kind of grass that is called that you told that man to use in his restrant to put by the front door and across the thrishwhole of the front door you said it grows. I hope you can help hope to here from you soon.
Thanks Tia
my email is
5 Sunday, 04 August 2013 20:58
Lenora Herrera
Hey Tia,

I live in Houston Texas and wanted to know where I will be in the next ten years... I want to meet a sweet and loving giving man. I feel I have found him but he's taken and from what I hear is that he's been treated so wrong. I also want to know will I live comfortably which I will not have any problems on money issues or love.
Can you help me and let me know that I will be ok please!

Thanks and hope I will hear from you :)
4 Saturday, 03 August 2013 23:24
philly girl 13
Please tell how I can make an appointment for a reading.

Your newest fan
philly girl 13
3 Saturday, 03 August 2013 22:42
Priscilla Taylor
I need to know what happened to my sister Cecilia
2 Saturday, 03 August 2013 22:42
Priscilla Taylor
I need to know what happened to my sister Cecilia
1 Saturday, 03 August 2013 16:36
Hello Tia,
My name is Karen & I would like to have you help my daughter. She's had issues & won't talk about what happened 3 years ago. Teachers & vice principal even tried (at time the issue happened). They were so helpful & understanding. She Even ended up in the VP's office everyday is school. The VP gave me #'s to therapy drs for my baby. To help her through the issue, the anger she has & hate she developed towards kids she thought were her friends. It's been 3 years since this has happened & I KNOW she still blames herself & a few others from the school that blamed her for what happened. She lost friends she had in school because of this. She only has 1 best friend & she went to a different school.
There's been a few signs that she & I have seen over the years. When they happen...I tell her to talk to the signs & thank them for it. Maybe they're not from who we think it is, but you Never Know.
My daughter needs to know if everything's alright & "IF ONLY she KNEW" ....maybe then she'll be at peace, let go of the anger & hate she developed towards ones she use to call friends. Perhaps then My baby will be FINALLY AT PEACE W/ HERSELF & everyone that blamed her should be ashamed of themselves.
Please help a Mom give peace to her 1 & only Child! She's My Love & My LIFE! I just want her to be happy & at peace!
Kindest Thoughts,

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