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Jul 02nd
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35% law

These familys do need there loved ones home I totally agree !! the welfare system is so high I also think it would decrease if both parent were able to provide this is pertaining to non violent offenders obviosly not sex offenders nor child molesters nor murderes all the other petty stuff let them go !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 Wednesday, 26 October 2011 09:36
i hope they do the same in GA so my son father can come home. he already done 8 years working on 9 for something he didnt do
1 Thursday, 20 October 2011 21:01
My husband sentence to prisioner in michigan for a crime on he and she say. no evidence wasnt found. nothing didnt match . i have all the paper work all i read it i couldnt believe the law in the state of michigan after he didnt plead guilty the judge in michigan gave him 12 to 25 years in prision on he say.if he would have plead guilty he would have gotten 2 years.2 people suppose of gotten rob the night before. and saw my husband walk to the store the next day and told the police he the one. and the sad thing about it .he is not from that stae. he was there visting. i hope they bring the good time back in michigan because i really do need my husband home with me and our kids

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