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Jul 02nd
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I clicked on this article expecting news and I what I was confronted with was everything I already knew about the topic bitterly flavored with propaganda for the teachers. Suggesting that Christie somehow persuaded the public to vote down a majority of the school budgets makes it sound like the public was hoodwinked or controlled by the man to conform to his will, doing something that was foolish or unwise. When in actuality the public is tired of teachers getting so much and giving so little, often when my job becomes stressful and hectic, I think to myself..."I should have become a teacher." The people that tend to think that believe one simple adage, "Those who can't....teach." Summer's off, Spring Vacation, Winter Vacation, all the major holidays off, a free state health care plan, assistance in furthering your education, a free pension plan and a salary that after receiving tenure continues to jump up regardless of performance and effectiveness. Plus payment for any extra school based programs they take on and most of them get substantially discounted lunches. That is what teachers get. What do you get in your job, if you still have one? When the recession hit, were you asked to not get a raise one year, were you asked to take a pay cut or perhaps get laid off? How much do you contribute to your pension and health care? How safe is your employment? If you did not perform well enough, would you get fired right away? How much do you make a year compared to your local teachers? How much sick and vacation do you get? When was the last time you put in extra hours and did not get paid for it?


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